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First team | October 2, 2023, 05:00 PM

Marius Gersbeck gets a second chance

Following the dismissal of the case against Marius Gersbeck by the Salzburg regional court, Hertha BSC has lifted the 28-year-old's suspension. The goalkeeper will return to team training during the international break, but he will still face sanctions and have to abide by a strict code of conduct both publicly and privately.

Managing director Thomas E. Herrich explained: “We have discussed Marius’ case with our various committees over the past few days and have decided on lifting his suspension. However, he will still receive a formal written warning and a substantial fine. Marius has also pledged to get involved in community work from now on, which will enable him to pass on the lessons learned from this misdemeanour.”

Gersbeck himself stated: “I’m well aware that I made a massive mistake and I’ve done everything I could over the last 11 weeks to make amends. I’m pleased that the injured party has accepted my sincere apology. I want to thank both the club and all the fans for giving me this second chance and allowing me to carry on dreaming of being the man between the sticks for my beloved Hertha one day. Ha Ho He.”

by Hertha BSC